KYC Verification

What is KYC?

"KYC" stands for Know Your Customer and refers to the norms, rules, laws and statutes issued by RBI from time to time.

Why KYC?

As per RBI guidelines on Prepaid gift instrument/ prepaid payment instrument, full KYC of the purchasers of such instruments shall be maintained. Zingoy may be required to share KYC details of the purchaser/ recipient/ redeemer of the Gift Card and/or any other information with relation to the purchase of the Gift Cards and/or transaction undertaken using the Gift Card / Zingoy earnings, with RBI or such statutory authorities.

Why is my gift cards not delivered even though I have added my KYC Details?

Gift Card orders that are pending due to KYC verification will be automatically released after the KYC details that were added is verified by the our verifications team.

How much time does it take for KYC Verification?

It immediately verifies KYC.

Does the KYC verification have an expiry date?

No. Once the KYC Details is obtained and verified, it will be registered against the user account in all future transactions and orders.

Is there a charge I need to pay to get myself KYC verified?

Currently, KYC is being done free of cost.

About Zingoy

What is Zingoy?

Zingoy is your joyous shopping buddy, who pays you each time you shop. It also allows you to earn on your friends’ shopping

Can I sign up on Zingoy for free?

Yes, signing up on Zingoy is free!

How can I earn cash back on Zingoy?

Yes, signing up on Zingoy is free!

You can earn cashback at Zingoy by: (1) Shopping via Zingoy (2) Sharing your Zingoy link

Shopping via Zingoy

We partner with a number of stores. All you have to do is shop at the stores you like via Zingoy and sit back! We’ll track your order and process your cashback.

Sharing your Zingoy link

You got shopaholic friends/family? Share your Zingoy link with them and earn cashback on each of their purchases.

Stores on Zingoy

Which stores can I earn cashback on Zingoy?

You can earn cashback on all the stores listed on Zingoy. If you cannot find your favorite store, tell us here and we’ll get working on it.

How to earn cashback from different stores?

You can search for the store and go to the online shopping section. From here you can redirect to respective store url and earn cashback

Buying Gift Card

How can I earn instant cashback on buying vouchers?

Once you buy voucher on Zingoy App your cashback will be immediately added into your Zingoy account as ‘Tracked’ and it will be validated within 3 hours.

How do I claim cashback earned from vouchers?

Claiming process remains the same. The minimum threshold will be a validated cashback of Rs. 250. Cashback earned from vouchers can be claimed just like other Zingoy earnings..

How do I find a particular voucher?

You can search the name of the store on Zingoy and you can view the all the available vouchers of various denominations for that store.

Is there any maximum limit of buying vouchers?

Yes, for Amazon, a user can buy a maximum of Rs. 30,000 worth of GV in a calendar month. Amazon / Zingoy reserves the right to block GV in case a user is found to use more than limit enforced from Single Amazon account. For all other stores, a maximum of 10 vouchers can be bought in a single order and there is no maximum limit as such for the calendar month.

How do I buy vouchers?

This is pretty easy. You just need to follow some simple steps:

  • Log in to Zingoy App.
  • Find vouchers for the stores you like.
  • Select the denomination of the voucher and click on ‘Add to Cart’ button You can add upto 10 vouchers in a cart at a time.
  • After adding all the vouchers in the cart, click on ‘Pay Now’.
  • You will be redirected to the payment gateway where you can select the mode of payment.
  • Once the order is successfully placed, the vouchers will be sent to you registered mail ID or you can also download it from App/Site under ‘My Voucher’ section. The status will appear as ‘Success’.

Can I use Zingoy cashback for buying a voucher?

You can pay for these vouchers using payment options like Credit/Debit Cards, Netbanking etc via PayUBiz Payment Gateway and PayTM Wallet. Currently, Zingoy cashback cannot be used for buying vouchers.

What does the status ‘ Refund Initiated’ mean?

'Refund Initiated' status- A very rare situation. It comes when payment is done but all the vouchers applied by you becomes unavailable. Not to worry. We shall refund the payment within 10 working days. You can check your Bank account and get back to us if you do not receive the refund/payment.

Can I cancel my voucher/ Gift Card?

Unfortunately once an order is placed cannot be canceled.

I have mentioned an incorrect email id for the gift-card, I wish to rectify the same and resend it to the correct email id?

Currently we do not allow users to edit or make changes to the email address once the voucher is sent out. Hence we request users to be doubly sure when they enter the email address as it cannot be changed once the voucher is sent.

Can I send the Gift cards to Non-Zingoy users?

Yes, you can send vouchers to the Non-Zingoy users as well.

Once I purchase the voucher, by when will it be received by the beneficiary?

The voucher purchased is a gift card, it will be sent instantly on the email address entered by you

  • Log in to Zingoy. Enter URL of the store/product of purchase.
  • Click on ‘Get link’.
  • Voila! Your unique Zingoy URL is ready!
  • Use this for your or your friends’ shopping & each cashback on each purchase!

Once you have your Zingoy link ready, just share it with your friends by email and/or via social media – Facebook, twitter, Google plus and so on.

Your Zingoy link does not have an expiry date.

We work with a number of stores at Zingoy. You will be entailed to cash back only for purchases made via these partner stores. Check out all the stores we partner with.

How much cashback will I get on my purchases?

Each merchant pays a different cash back amount based on the category of the product.

Check out the current payout for the category of your product and related special offers right here.

What do you mean by Instant Cashback?

Cashback earned on voucher purchase will be tracked immediately and validated in 3 hours.

What does the status ‘ Partial’ mean?

'Partial' status- It comes when payment is done but we run out of stock for some of the vouchers you have bought. Not to worry. We shall refund the payment within 10 working days. You can check your Bank account and get back to us if you do not receive the refund/payment.

What does the status ‘ In Progress’ mean?

'In Progress' status- It comes when you have initiated payment but not completed it. The items will remain in your cart forever unless you delete it or complete the purchase.

What is 10 Days Buyer Protection?

The gift cards purchased are covered under Zingoy's buyer protection for 10 days hence we recommend you to use these gift cards at the earliest and mark them as redeemed within 10 days. If you encounter a card with a balance discrepancy after 10 days of your purchase, unfortunately the gift card is no longer under the buyer protection scheme as we have already released the payment to the seller and validated the cashback. So it is important to check the balance and redeem it within 10 days from the date of purchase.

Steps on how to raise a Dispute for non working or issues with gift vouchers.

  • Click on My Orders
  • Select the Order id.
  • Click on the 3 dots on the right-hand side of the page
  • Click on Not working.

Selling Gift Card

How do I sell gift cards on Zingoy?

Selling gift cards on Zingoy is easy peasy! All you need to do is look for the merchant name, select the gift card denomination, add gift card number, pin, expiry date and simply choose the selling price at which you would want to give away the voucher. 

Is listing vouchers on Zingoy free?

Absolutely! You can list your gift cards on Zingoy at no cost. But once the gift card which is listed is bought by a user we will charge a small processing fee which would vary from voucher to voucher. Once you list a voucher, you will be able to see the percentage of commission you will earn by selling the voucher and our processing fees. 

When will I be able to sell vouchers?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a seller with Zingoy. Now Zingoy allows you to sell unused gift cards in just few hours! All you need to do it enter your email address on to get an invite. Once we are up and running in few days we will send you an email with all the information you need to list a gift card and earn cashback on it.

I want to sell a gift card which is not listed on your site?

You are more than welcome to let us know which gift cards you would like to list on Zingoy. We will forward the request to our approval team and try our best to get them listed on Zingoy.

I purchased a gift card from Zingoy and it is not working.

Please make sure you have entered the gift card information correctly. If you are still unable to redeem your gift card or it shows incorrect balance please contact our support team on [email protected]  and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Can I cancel or request for a refund for a gift card which I purchased?

Cancellations and refunds are not allowed once the gift card is purchased.

Why can I see different prices for the same gift cards?

All the gift cards which are listed on Zingoy are priced by individuals sellers. So keep a close watch to find the best deals.

I have purchased a gift card. When will I receive it?

Normally gift cards are delivered instantly but may take upto 24 hours for additional verification in certain cases depending on the gift card.

Why is my gift card listing not approved?

Your gift card listing is not approved could be for many reasons like incorrect balance amount, incorrect expiry date or not mentioning terms and conditions. But in all cases, email will be sent out to you with proper explanation behind the rejection of the listing. For further information you can always contact our support team on [email protected]  and we will be more than happy to assist you.

I want to adjust the price of my gift card listing.

Please note you will be able to make changes and adjust the price of the gift card you have put on listing at any time. But once the gift card is sold you will not be able to make any changes.

I have added a gift card for selling but cannot see it live?

Gift cards which are listed on Zingoy by sellers go through verification process. Most cards listed appear on Zingoy within couple of hours.

Do gift cards come with an expiry date?

Yes, every gift card listed by a sellers it added with an expiry date. Please make sure to read all the terms and conditions before buying any gift card.

Can I sell gift cards in bulk?

Yes, we do allow sellers to list gift cards in bulk. For more information please get in touch with all details on [email protected]

Can I buy gift cards and use them in offline stores?

Not all gift cards listed on Zingoy can be used in online and offline stores. The terms and conditions mentioned in each gift card may vary from store to store and merchant. Hence we request you to please go through terms and conditions provided with listing before making any purchase.

What is a verified seller?

A basic verification process on Zingoy can make you a verified seller. A verified seller is user whose PAN details and bank account details are verified by Zingoy approval team.

Why should I get verified?

You can get 2% discount on processing fees when you are selling your gift cards.

What is the processing fees? And how much will I be charged?

The processing fees will vary from voucher to voucher. Once you list a voucher, you will be able to see the percentage of commission you will earn by selling the voucher and our processing fees.

How many days will it take for my cashback to be validated?

Your cashback will validated on the 11th day after the gift card is sold and we have not received any dispute notification from the buyer. We will validate your cashback.

What should I do if I decide to use up my voucher after listing it?

As soon as you decide to use up the voucher you have listed please delete the voucher from your account were you have listed the voucher. Or please get in touch with our support team with gift card details (order id, listing id, gift card details) on [email protected]

What is mark as redeemed?

Once you have used up the voucher bought from Zingoy please remember to click on mark as redeemed in your voucher details. Once we receive the confirmation we will release and instantly validate the cashback.

What is mark as not working?

Please make sure you have entered the gift card information correctly. If you are still unable to redeem your gift card or it shows incorrect balance please click on mark as not working. So our team can get in touch with you and contact the seller and resolve the issue amicably

Can I sell the gift cards purchased in Zingoy?

Gift card purchased from verified or unverified seller cannot be relisted again on Zingoy. But gift cards purchased from premium seller can be relisted again

Zingoy Gift Cards

What is Zingoy Gift Card?

There is no better gift than a Zingoy Gift Card. Gift your loves ones the freedom of choice and convenience which they can convert (in part or full) to gift card(s) of any brand of their choice on Zingoy.. The category of gift cards spans across brands for products and services of various categories like online shopping, travel, food and grocery etc. 

How can I purchase Zingoy Gift Cards?

Simply visit the Zingoy Gift Card store ( and choose the denomination of Gift Card you would like to purchase. Add it in your cart and checkout just like you do with any other gift cards. Your Zingoy Gift Cards will be delivered to you on your registered email id.

How do I apply Zingoy Gift Cards on my orders.

Zingoy Gift Card payment is seamlessly integrated in the payment options. Just select "Pay by Zingoy Gift Card" option on the payment page at the time of checkout and apply your Gift Card Code and PIN to redeem your gift cards.

How do I check my Zingoy Gift Card Balance?

You can check the balance and expiry date of your Zingoy Gift Cards from the Check Gift Card Balance page.

Do Zingoy Gift Cards get expired?

Yes, like all good things in life even Zingoy Gift Cards come with an expiry date. Typically, it is around one year from the date of purchase. We recommend you to go through the gift card delivery email to know the exact expiry date of your gift card. You can always check the balance and expiry of your gift card from the Check Balance page too.

Can I use my Zingoy Gift Cards partially?

Yes, you can. If the total order amount is more that the value of your Zingoy Gift Card you can pay the rest of the amount via other payment options. And, if your total payable amount is less that the value of your Zingoy Gift Card then the balance amount will remain in your gift card, which you can apply on future orders.

Can I apply more than one Zingoy gift card on an order?

Yes, of course you can. Zingoy Gift Cards are just like your cash. However in order to make our payments process seamless, we have a limit that you can apply a maximum of only 5 gift cards on an order.

Can I purchase a Zingoy Gift Card with a Zingoy Gift Card or with my Zingoy Earnings?

No, currently we do not allow our users to purchase a Zingoy Gift Card with another Zingoy Gift Card or with their Zingoy Earnings.

Can I reload my Zingoy Gift Card?

No, they are not reloadable. But you can purchase a new gift card in a snap from the Zingoy Gift Card store (

Tracking Cashback

How do I make sure I always get my cashback?

We recommend the below to make sure you don't lose out on your cash back:

  • Always access the store site using your Zingoy link only, to enable tracking your cash back.
  • Do not type the online store’s name on your browser or search bar to access the page.
  • Using certain coupons may lead to no cashback. Cashback will be eligible for coupons when explicitly mentioned so.
  • Always make sure the browser cookies are enabled and the pop up blocker is disabled.
  • Do not visit any other coupon, deal or price comparison site while you exit Zingoy to go the online store to shop.
  • If you did visit another site, then do remember to clear old cookies from the browser before clicking through a link via Zingoy.
  • Add products in your cart at the store site only AFTER you land on the store page via Zingoy link/Zingoy offers & not before.
  • Certain stores will not pay cashback on purchase of a gift certificate and/or using store credits.
  • Complete the transaction in one online sitting on a single tab. Some stores do provide service of placing order through phone – in such cases, no cashback is paid by the store.
  • If the tracked order is partially or fully cancelled and/or partially or fully returned back then cashback won’t be paid by the store.
  • Follow any specific instructions stores highlight on their online store. In addition, you may also refer to the some additional information on the respective store page on Zingoy.

Where can I see my earnings on Zingoy account?

Once you log in to Zingoy, you can view your earnings on the dashboard. (Hover the mouse on your username in the top right corner of the page and click on Dashboard from the drop down menu.)

It’s been 3 days and my transaction is not tracked. What do I do?

For successful purchases made using your URL the expected cash back money will reflect on the dashboard of your Zingoy account in 2-3 days.

If your purchase isn’t tracked, raise a missing cashback ticket here with us and we’ll follow up with the stores for your missing funds.

My Transaction was tracked and then it was rejected! Why wasn’t it validated?

For successful purchases made using your URL the expected cash back money will reflect on the dashboard of your Zingoy account in 2-3 days.

  • Make sure you have followed all recommended steps for cashback when you buy from Zingoy
  • Any cancellations/refund/exchange can lead to rejection of transaction. In this case, do not worry, when you place your next order, just be sure to buy via Zingoy and your cashback should be on its way.
  • Using Coupon codes may lead to rejection of cashback. Store & Zingoy terms will be applicable for the same.
  • In rare cases, at the time purchase if you accessed the store page via any other cashback/coupon/deal sites then due unclear tracking that may also lead to rejection of cashback.

What can I do about rejected transaction?

It can be heartbreaking to see your transaction rejected. Unfortunately, stores do not always give clear reasons for rejection.

If you believe you have followed all recommended steps for cashback then do let us know and we’ll do our best to resolve the matter.

I’ve made a purchase today, by when will I get the cash back amount?

Any purchase made needs to be ‘Tracked’ and ‘Validated’ by us and the merchant.

Once a successful online purchase has been made via your Zingoy account or your Zingoy link, it will be tracked within 3 days. Then you will see these transactions under the ‘Tracked’ section.

Merchants usually take up to 60 days to validate cashback, and they validate tracked transactions on certain conditions.

Once your transactions are validated, you can redeem your money!

Just click on ‘Redeem Now’ on Dashboard and follow the steps.

Ad-Blocking Softwares

Does my cashback get tracked if I have an Adblocker?

If you have ad-blocking extension installed in your browser, you may experience issues with the cashback tracking on some stores and may miss out on earing on your shopping from these stores. Hence, we strongly recommend you to disabale or change your adblocker settings to enable cashback for your shopping.

How do I enable cashback in my Adblock Extension?

If you are using any one of the most common ablocking softwares i.e AdBlock, Adblock Plus or uBlock extension you can simply add or subscribe to the Zingoy Online Shopping filter list to your Abblocker's whitelist. This is whitelist the merchants partnered with Zingoy to your trusted or whitelisted websites list. You can add or subscribe now by clicking on the below button:

Enable Cashback

However, adding the Zingoy Online Shopping filter may not completely resolve the issue. If you see ad-blocking software warnings even after adding the filter, you will need to disable your Ad-Blocker during your shopping to help us track your cashback.

Note: White-listing will not resolve any issues. If you white-list, you will not see ad-blocker detection warnings from Zingoy, but issues preventing you from earning cashback may still persist.

Similarly, if you have other ad-blocking software installed on your browser, you'll have to pause or disable it during your shopping. To do that, first go to on the extensions list (chrome://extensions/) from your browser toolbar,


Then click on "Enabled" checkbox to disable it temporarily. After that, reload Zingoy page and continue shopping as usual. You will need to completely disable the software everytime during your shopping sessions.

Redemption & Payment Process

What is ZingCash and ZingCash+?

Your cashback on Zingoy can be of two types: Earnings & Bonus.

Earnings typically include the cashback that you have earned via Shopping, Gift Card Purchases or Referral. Transactions from these modes go into ZingCash upon validation.

Bonus earnings typically include the promotional cashback that we give you based on your engagement with Zingoy. Eg: Double Cashback, Zingfest Cashback, Joining Bonus, Sign Up Bonus etc. Bonus transactions go into the ZingCash+ upon validation.

I have some ZingCash and ZingCash+ earnings, what do I do next?

Congratulations! Now all you need to do is click on the ‘Redeem Now’ button on Dashboard and you can claim it through purchase of gift cards or we’ll send the money (ZingCash only) to your desired bank account.

Is there a minimum amount of Redemption?

No you can redeem any amount from your ZingCash for buying Gift Cards. However, you need to have a minimum of Rs 100 (excluding the Amazon and Flipkart cashback rewards) to claim it into your bank.

How do I redeem my earnings?

When you click on Redeem cashback, you will see the total available ZingCash and ZingCash+ in your account with an option to see more details of your earnings as:

  • Cashback: This displays the cashback amount that you can transfer to your bank account or buy gift cards.
  • Generic Rewards: This displays all your cashback, which can be redeemed in form of vouchers of any store.
  • Amazon Rewards: This displays all your cashback, which can be redeemed in form of Amazon vouchers only.

All earnings in Zingoy, except Amazon India and Flipkart cashback rewards, can be transferred to Bank or redeemed as vouchers. In case of Amazon India cashback, Amazon only allows its cashback to be redeemed as Amazon vouchers. On the other hand, Flipkart allows you to redeem its cashback in form of vouchers of any store, but it does not allow you to transfer Flipkart cashback to your bank account.

Can I redeem my ZingCash+ separately?

Yes, you can redeem 100% of ZingCash+ on some vouchers (based on availability of the vouchers and ZingCash in your account). Whenever a voucher can be redeemed with 100% ZingCash+ you will find the icon  on it to help you identify them easily.

Note: Vouchers with 100% ZingCash Redemption available will not be eligible for the cashback (if any) on them

What does '+10% of ZingCash' mean when I redeem?

When you redeem your ZingCash as gift cards earnings you will be eligible to redeem some of your Bonus Earnings i.e. ZingCash+ along with it. However, the maximum ZingCash+ that you will be eligible to redeem is calculated as 10% of ZingCash Amount Redeemed or Total Available ZingCash+, whichever is lower.

Eg: If you want to redeem Rs 500 from your ZingCash and you have Rs 1000 ZingCash+

You get Rs 500 + (10% of 500) i.e. Rs 50 from ZingCash+

So, your remaining balance would be Rs 0 ZingCash and Rs 950 ZingCash+

But if you want to redeem Rs 500 from your ZingCash and you have only Rs 30 ZingCash+

Then you get Rs 500 + Rs 30 from ZingCash+ only

Then your remaining balance would be Rs 0 ZingCash and Rs 0 ZingCash+

While buying a voucher, how is Zingoy earnings calculated in the cart?

The Zingoy earnings available will be automatically applied on the items in your cart, along with which, you will be eligible to redeem some of your Bonus Earnings i.e. ZingCash+.

Please Note: Your Amazon cashback can be redeemed in form of Amazon vouchers only.

To understand your cashback redemption options better refer Q. 33.

Can I buy a voucher even if I have inadequate Zingoy earnings?

Your Zingoy earnings will be applied in your cart and if it falls short from the voucher order value you will be redirected to the Payment Gateway where you can choose one of the easy and secure payment options to pay the rest of the amount and complete the order.

Eg: If you want to buy a voucher worth Rs 500 but you have only Rs 450 Zingoy earnings, you need to pay the remaining amount at the payment gateway through bank cards, net banking or any other option you prefer.

Will I get cashback when I use Zingoy earnings on an order?

Of course you will. Your Zingoy earnings are nothing but your cash and you will get the cashback applicable in the vouchers even if you use Zingoy earnings to purchase them.

Is it compulsory to use my Zingoy earnings on an order?

You have an option to use the Zingoy earnings on an order, but if you wish to save it for later, you can just un-tick the ‘use Zingoy earnings’ checkbox in your cart, and pay for the order through other payment options available at checkout.

I’ve claimed cashback today. When will I receive it in my bank account?

Here is the payment schedule:

Claim Date Expected Payment Date
Monday to Thursday Next Tuesday
Friday to Sunday Next to next Tuesday
If Expected Payment Date falls on a holiday(Bank/Local/National), payment will be processed on the next working day of Zingoy.

I have validated cashback. But I do not want cash for it. I would like it in other forms like recharge or gift vouchers.

You can redeem the cashback claimed, either through a bank transfer or you can opt for gift cards available on Zingoy. Choose gift cards from any store and denomination and your cashback eligible will be automatically applied when you checkout.

Please note: Amazon cashback can be redeemed in form of Amazon vouchers only.

What bank details do I need to provide?

Kindly provide the exact bank account details on this page. Make sure you provide the below details of the account where you would like to receive the money:

  • Bank Name
  • Bank Account Number
  • IFS Code
  • Bank Address
Please note that Zingoy does not call any user to inform about cashback offer or ask any personal bank information. If someone refers to themselves as Zingoy employee, please do check with us on our helpline number which is +91-63900-63000

Do I have to update the pancard, if yes, then what is the criteria?

Yes, it will be mandatory to update the pancard if you fall under the below category, Please refer the table below:

Time Period User has Transaction Status Details Required
1 month 10K earnings Tracked or Validated PAN Card - Mandatory
Birthdate - Mandatory
Residential add - Mandatory
Bank Account - Optional
12 months 25K earnings Tracked or Validated
1 month Less than 10K earnings Tracked or Validated PAN Card - Optional
Birthdate - Optional
Residential add - Optional
Bank Account - Optional
12 months Less than 25K earnings Tracked or Validated

12 months is defined as April - March

1 month is defined as 1st - 31st of a month

Where will i get the option to update the pancard?

Currently, you will get an option to update the Pancard number under "Profile" category.

Whether the pancard number is necessary to be updated , if i am opting for Gift vouchers instead of Bank transfer?

Yes, it will be mandatory even if you opt for Gift vouchers instead of Bank transfer , if you fall under the above category.

Is it safe to provide my pancard number with you?

We at Zingoy , assure you that your profile details including your pancard number will be not be misused. Also.we would like to mention that once you update the pancard details, your profile becomes a verified profile, which inturn will help us to serve you better.

Is there any expiry date for my Zingoy Earnings?

Yes, currently your earnings are divided into ZingCash and ZingCash+ and the validated amount in your Zingoy Earnings will have to be redeemed as per the expiry schedule mentioned below:

  • ZingCash: The earnings will get expired within 24 months from the validated date.
  • Zingcash+: The earnings will get expired within 6 months from the validated date.

Refer & Earn

What is the Zingoy Refer and Earn Program?

The Zingoy Refer and Earn Program lets you invite your friends to join Zingoy. For every friend you successfully refer to Zingoy, we credit money to your and your friends account.

How can I refer Zingoy to my friends?

You can share your Zingoy referral link and referral code through either of the following options

- Invite via email: On the referral page in the ‘Share your referral code via email’ section, enter the e-mail ids of friends you wish to invite, and click "INVITE".

-Share via social media: On the referral page in the Share your referral code via social media, you can share the referral link and referral code on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and even whatsapp.

-Refer it with multiple contacts: You can also referral the referral link and referral code with multiple emails in your mailing list from your email accounts on Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail.

How do I earn from Zingoy referral program and how much?

Once your friend signs up on Zingoy using your referral code, we credit your friend’s Zingoy account with Rs. 25. Once your friend earns his/her total ZingCash of Rs. 200 (excludes Zingcash earned through selling/buying Giftcards on Zingoy), we validate your friend’s referral bonus. You will get 10% of your friend’s earning from “Earn Cashback” store transactions.

Can I invite anyone?

Yes, you can invite any of your friends or acquaintances who are not registered with Zingoy. However, to ensure that users don't get spammed, please ensure that you only send invites to people you are acquainted with.

The referral link and code do not have an expiry date.

I am trying to invite a friend; I am getting a message ‘Email is already registered with zingoy’.

You can invite your friends who are not yet registered with Zingoy.

Once you receive the link and code from the friend, just click on the referral link and the Zingoy signup page will open and the referral code will be auto populated. Just enter your name and email ID and hit sign up button. You are done!

What if my friend cancels his order after shopping? Do I still get the referral amount?

No. Unless and until the cash back amount is validated from the store your friend will not be eligible for cash back. Once your friend earns total ZingCash of 200 Rs. From earn cash back store transactions in his account, we will validate your referral bonus.

Is there any limit of friends I can invite from one code?

No. You can invite as many friends as you wish who are not registered with Zingoy.

I am not able to see the referral code; I can see ‘I am interested’ button. Am I not eligible to participate in refer and earn?

Of course you are eligible. We are rolling out this scheme for all our registered users in phases. You can click on the “I am Interested” button and we will know that you are interested and we will add you to our priority list and once the unique code is generated for you, we will send you an email within 1 working day about the same.

Support Questions

Why do I raise a ticket?

For any queries or clarifications we recommend you to raise a ticket Logging a ticket helps easy and efficient tracking of communication. When you log a ticket, a ticket number is generated & an email will be sent to your registered email address with the ticket number. You will be able to access your ticket from the support page. Once you’ve raised a ticket, sit back and leave your concerns to us. We’ll be sure to chase up your issues and get back to you at our earliest.

I’ve raised a ticket and it says in-progress for a long time. Why is this happening?

For certain queries, we are dependent on Merchant for a response, hence we do not close such tickets. We understand that a ticket in the same status can make one anxious however, we’d like to assure you that we are always working on chasing your cashback troubles away, just that some issues take longer.

In how much time will I get a response to my ticket/query?

Our support team will usually respond within a few hours. However, in some cases it can take up to 48 hours to respond to your ticket/query.

How long should I wait before I raise a missing cashback ticket?

Missing cashback issues can be really heartbreaking. However, it is important to determine if your cashback is indeed missing.

Let’s do a quick check:

  • Once you have purchased something via Zingoy (following the cashback recommendations) the transactions can take up to 72 hours (that’s about 3 days) to show up on your reports. So if it hasn’t been 72 hours yet (that’s about 3 days), we recommend you hold on just a bit, because your transaction may just be on its way.
  • For Freecharge, the transactions can take up to 30 days to show up on your reports. So do not panic just yet.

If you’ve made a purchase and you do not see transactions tracked within the suggested days, then let us know right away and we’ll get right on it.
Do not wait for too long: Transactions that are missing for over 18 days cannot be tracked and hence one cannot raise a missing cashback ticket for clicks dating over 18 days.

My Account

Can I create multiple accounts on zingoy?

No, multiple accounts are not allowed on zingoy. In case any multiple accounts are found on zingoy, it will lead to suspension of those accounts.

Where can I reset my password?

You can click on ‘Edit Profile’ under the Profile page and reset your password

Can I change my personal details?

Yes, you can change your personal details by clicking on ‘Edit Profile’ on the Profile page.

Why do I need to provide my bank details? I am uncertain about sharing my bank details.

Once all your cashback crosses Rs. 100, you will have an option to credit it to your bank account. If you wish to choose it, we will need your bank details, so that we can transfer the money.

Bank details form a part of your personal information. We will not be sharing your personal details without your consent unless otherwise needed by law. For more details you can refer the Privacy Policy.

If you still have concerns and do not want to share your bank details, you can opt for purchase of vouchers/ gift cards from Zingoy.

I still have questions.

Please feel free to write us here.([email protected] ) Also, you can chat with us by just logging in your Zingoy account. We are now more accessible!

Zing of the day - General

What is Zing of the day?

Zing Of The Day is a special deal posted on Zingoy. The deal will offer a quality product at significantly discounted price as compared to other online shopping brands that offer the same product.

A list of stores with price comparisons is placed right below the retail price being offered.

Along with the offer price, an additional cashback amount is mentioned which is released back to you post product delivery.

How long does Zing of the day last?

The Zing of the day is active only for the period of sale as mentioned or until stocks last. The remaining time and quantity is reflected at the top of the deal.

What is unique about Zing of the day ?

Zing of the day comes with very unique features!

  • Fine quality products
  • Significantly discounted prices
  • Guaranteed cash back
  • Golden chance to get the item completely free of cost
  • Secure and multiple payment options

How can I get the Zing of the day for free?

You can get the Zing of the day for free in two ways :

  • Referrals : If you wish to recover the entire cost, you must refer the product to your friends and persuade them to make a purchase. You can share your referral code right at the bottom of the ‘Payment Success’ page with as many friends. And you can get the same amount of cashback that you’ve originally paid when they make a successful purchase. Which means, the purchase for you becomes completely free.
  • Golden Buzzer : While purchasing or after purchase if you capture the Golden Buzzer, you will be eligible to get the whole amount of the product back in the form of cashback. Just like cashback from referrals, this cashback will be validated after the entire delivery process is complete.

How can I earn from Zing of the day?

You can Earn by referring the product to your friends and if they buy, you get ZingCash.

From where can I refer the product to earn from Zing of the day?

You can refer your unique code for the product to your friends from the product detail page. On Zingoy home page click on the Zing of the day product banner. You land on the Zing of the day product detail page. In the product detail page you can click on the EARN button at the bottom left and share the product.

Where can I see my earnings for a Zing of the Day product I referred?

You can view your earnings in the Once your friends have made a purchase and received the product, your cashback is validated. You can view it in the cashback summary on the homepage of the Zingoy or you can also find the cash back details in the My Account > My Reports section in Zingoy


How do I purchase the Zing of the day product?

Purchasing Zing of the day product is really simple.

  • First feed in your PIN code in order to check the product availability in your region. If the product is available for your region, proceed to make the purchase.
  • Before going to the payment page, you are requested to re-confirm your address. Make changes if required or Click ‘Continue’.
  • Select payment mode and proceed with making the purchase.
  • After successfully placing the order, you kick start the Cashback Meter. The Cashback Meter displays your cashback earnings which are finally validated to you Zingoy account.

Do I need to login to Zingoy to make a purchase?

You will be requested to log into Zingoy before purchasing the Zing of the day if you’re not already logged in.

Do I need to login to Zingoy to earn through Zing of the day?

You will be requested to log into Zingoy before sharing your referral code to Earn cashback on Zing of the Day.

Can I use Zingoy earnings to make the purchase?

You can use your Zingoy earnings from previously availed cashback offers while making a purchase from Zing of the day.

Is the stock limited and how much quantity can I purchase?

The product count is limited in number. You can find the percentage of the remaining stock in the left hand corner of the deal. The quantity of each product you purchase is also limited and it will vary from product to product.

Is Cash On Delivery payment option available?

Currently we do not provide Cash On Delivery.

Can I change the quantity of order once the order is placed?

Once the order has been placed, you cannot change purchase details such as the quantity.

Can I change my address after placing the order?

The address cannot be changed once you’ve placed an order.

What is a successful purchase?

Once you’ve placed your order and the product has been successfully delivered to you, that is considered to be a successful purchase.

How many days from product purchase will I receive my product?

Details of delivery dates will be mentioned along with the product on the Zing of the day offer.

Can I gift the purchase to someone?

As of now, we do not provide a gifting facility. However, you can get the product delivered anywhere as long as that particular PIN Code is serviceable for that product.

After purchase, where can I view my product order details?

In the Zingoy App, press on the top left hamburger menu and select ‘My Account’ option. In the My Account drop down, select ‘My Orders’ option. Select the order and get an in depth view of the purchase.

Where can I view all my previously purchased Zing of the day products?

In the Zingoy App, press on the top left hamburger menu and select ‘My Account’ option. In the My Account drop down, select ‘My Products’ option. Select the product and get an in depth view of the purchase.

After purchase, where can I track my order?

In the Zingoy App, press on the top left hamburger menu and select ‘My Account’ option. In the My Account drop down, select ‘My Products’ option. Select the product. On the product detail page, a ‘Track’ button appears. Click the button to view the tracking details for the order.

How can I contact you regarding my product purchase?

You can simply go into ‘My Orders’ option and select the product you wish for us to be consulted on. At the very bottom of the Order, a button ‘Contact Us’ appears which will take you to the Customer Support Page. In case the button is disabled, you are no longer eligible for support for that particular product and have missed the Support Window.


What is my product referral code?

A product referral code or your Zing of the day referral code is basically a unique code which you get when you make the first purchase of a Zing of the day product on Zingoy. Share your unique code from Earn button

Once you share this code with another user, the referred individual can then apply your unique product referral code at the time of checkout while purchasing the Zing of the day. By using this code, both, the individual and you get the cashback. A product referral code is unique for the deal and the individual who is sharing it.

When can I access my product referral code?

The product referral code is unlocked. When you click on Earn button. After you’ve made the payment and purchased a product in the Zing of the day.

How long is my Product Referral Code active?

Your product referral code is active only for that deal. Since the deal is only active for a limited period, you must refer and urge all your friends to make the purchase within the sale period to avail the complete cashback amount equal to your total spending.

Can I use my own product referral Code?

Your product referral code will not be applicable for discount if you use it while making another purchase from your own account.


What is the Golden Buzzer?

The Golden Buzzer is a unique opportunity for you to stand a chance to win the Zing Of The Day for absolutely free.

What does the Golden Buzzer look like?

It appears as a sticky golden button with ‘Golden Buzzer’ written over it.

How to win from a Golden buzzer before buying the product?

Before buying the Zing of the day product, you can look to capture the Golden Buzzer on the product details page. Once you successfully capture the Golden Buzzer, you will have to make the payment and buy the product. You will receive the cash back as Zingcash equal to the product price.

How to win from a Golden buzzer after buying the product?

After buying the Zing of the day product, you can look to capture the Golden buzzer on the product detail page or the order detail page. Once you successfully capture the Golden Buzzer, you do not need to do anything further. You will receive the cash back as Zing cash equal to the product price.

Who can stand a chance to win from a Golden Buzzer?

Any lucky user who spots the Golden buzzer and is the first one to click and captures the Golden Buzzer stands a chance to win.

When will the golden buzzer appear?

The golden buzzer may appear anytime during the sale period/ before the quantity of products get sold out which ever is earlier.

How many times will the Golden Buzzer appear?

The Golden Buzzer can appear multiple times during a sale period. If you have not successfully captured it the first time, you can always try again.

How to avail the golden buzzer offer if I clicked on the buzzer?

Ensure that you’ve made a purchase before or after clicking on the Golden Buzzer to avail the offer.

What happens if I win a golden buzzer and do not make a purchase?

Remember purchasing the product before or after winning a Golden Buzzer during the same sale period is compulsory to get the cashback. If you win a Golden Buzzer and do not make a purchase then you loose the opportunity to get the product for free.


What is the Cashback Meter?

The Cashback Meter is a scale that measures how much cashback you’ve earned. The cashback earnings for purchasing the Zing of the day is calculated and fed into the meter. Raising the meter amount from this point on is completely in your hands. With each person who makes a purchase with your referral code, you earn cash!

When does the Cashback Meter validate the cashback?

The Cashback Meter displays all your earnings at one place. After you and each of your referred friends have received their product, then the cashback is validated and only then the Cashback Meter releases the cashback to you in the form of ZingCash.

How much cashback do I receive for each referral?

Each successful purchase from the shared referral code gets you a fixed amount of cashback as mentioned while purchasing the product. The cashback amount varies from product to product. The individual who uses your referral code at the time of checkout also gets the same amount of cashback as you do!

Do I get cashback if my order is cancelled?

In case of an order cancellation, you will get the entire product refund amount. But will receive no extra cashback either from your own purchase or from your referrals.

Do I get cashback if my Product referral code was used to make a purchase and then that referred order was cancelled?

If your product referral code was used but the order was cancelled, you will lose out on the opportunity to get cashback for that referral.

Do I get cashback if i used a product referral code and the referrer cancelled his order?

If your product was purchased with a product referral code and if that referrer cancelled his order, then you do not get the referral cashback on your purchase.

Do I get referral cashback if I have got the cashback from golden buzzer?

Total cashback you receive will always be equal to the product price. Therefore, the cashback amount cannot exceed the product price.

How long does it take for the cashback to be validated?

Validations of cashback, For both the cashback Earned from referral before purchase, or after product purchase are done after all the deliveries of products is complete.So it takes a few days for us to validate and process your cashback to your zingoy account.

Where can I view my validated cashback?

After your cashback is validated you can view it in the cashback summary on the homepage of the Zingoy or you can also find the cash back details in the My Account > My Reports section in Zingoy.

Does the Cashback Meter have a limit?

The Cashback Meter’s maximum limit is the total amount you’ve spent on the Zing of the day. So, the cashback from your purchase and referrals can amount to your total spending and cannot exceed that.


How can I cancel my purchase?

You can only make a cancellation before the order has been accepted for shipping. After the order has been accepted, the order will be in Dispatched state and the ‘Cancel’ button is disabled. Cancel button is also disabled when the product is non-cancellable. Please check these details on the product details page before purchasing the product.

Why is my order not cancellable?

Your order may be non-cancellable if the product is a non-cancellable product or the product has already been shipped. Please check this in the product detail page before purchasing the product.

When will i get my refund if I cancel my purchase?

In case you cancel the order immediately after placing it before it is shipped, then the refund will be released to you within a working day. However, if you cancel the order post its shipment but before its delivery, then you will receive the refund in three to five working days.

Can I cancel some of the total quantity purchased in a Zing of the day order?

To cancel a Zing of the day order partially, in Zingoy app, under My Account menu, choose My Orders, and select My Products tab. Select the product and click on the Cancel button in the product detail page. Choose the quantity to cancel and click on Cancel button and confirm.

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